Trans Am News!

Super proud of Brian Gluck and his team at Dark Horse Racing. This past weekend Brian drove to a 4th place SGT class finish and first place in pro-am category. Fastest cars in SGT were a pair of Porsche GT3 cup cars running 1:29.672 and 1:30.235 respectively. Brian finished a half second behind the 3rd place Mustang running 1:32.929 seconds. The car suffered a transmission failure and Brian had to run the last half of the race in only 3rd and 4th gear, giving up some time but staying in the race.

Congrats to the team and high hopes for an SGT podium finish next race.

NOTE: Team Dark Horse is also currently building a Type 65 Coupe R for later this season to campaign alongside the GTM in SGT class.

Dave Smith


Photo Credit: Chris Clark Photography