Type 65 Coupe Rear Glass Hatch Update

The Third Time is the Charm

We were very excited when we got our new glass hatches made for the Gen 2 Coupe some months ago. Our disappointment was just as big when we found that the glass manufacturer didn’t temper the glass correctly. We changed suppliers (new guy in the U.S.), and thirteen weeks ago, we told everyone we’d have parts to them in eight weeks.

About a month ago, we received the first article from our new supplier. We test fit the glass, and were happy, but they weren’t! Yesterday, we received the second (modified) glass hatch and have given our thumbs up. It will take them exactly one week to manufacture these hatches after which they will be delivered to us and mailed to all 38 people waiting for this part.

Patti in materials in attempting to have the new glass hatches drop shipped from the manufacturer to reduce time. I am posting photos here that shows the fitment of the new glass hatch on the Gen 2 Coupe (perfect). I also asked Jesper to mount this new glass hatch on my old Gen 1 Coupe to show guys who are updating Gen 1 cars the degree to which it fits (remember, the Gen 2 body was updated and the hatch was made to fit the Gen 2 body).

Lastly, we destructively tested the hatch for tempering according to US DOT standards and it passed perfectly.

The bottom line is that this long ordeal looks to be over shortly and everyone will have their hatches within a few weeks. I want to apologize for this delay and I also want to thank all of you for your patience, especially customer Micael Jacobsson who first discovered this problem and brought it to our attention.

David Smith

Gen 1 Type 65 Coupe

Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe with new glass hatch positioned

Fitment of driver’s side lower corner.

Fitment of passenger side lower corner

Note: The new glass hatches are made to fit specifically the Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe body. These bodies are noted by their red gel coat construction.

Gen 1 Type 65 Coupe glass hatch INSTALLED to show degree of fitment for customers retro-fitting cars.

Driver’s side upper corner is very tight (best if you haven’t painted your car).

Passenger side lower corner. Note: Original Gen 1 Type 65 Coupe body has a squared-off perimeter and the glass hatch is a radiused edge.

Driver’s side lower corner. Tight on the outside with space on the lower edge.

This is looking down along the driver’s side length of glass showing the tight driver’s side fit.

We destructively tested the new glass hatch and the tempering was to spec.

Installed glass hatch on the Gen 1 Type 65 Coupe

Positioned glass hatch on the Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe