Type 65 Coupe Rear Glass Hatch

Retro-Fit Kit Available Now!

As many of you know, the Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe has a glass hatch that replaces the plexi-glass and steel surround hatch of the original design. Many customers have asked if they could buy the new glass and retro-fit on the Gen 1 Coupes.

The part is now available and is being offered as a complete retro-fit assembly that includes new hinges, gas struts, main glass, and fasteners (requires re-use of thumb latch). Click here to visit the Factory Five Parts Catalog to place your order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. The hatch costs $599 and is being offered to existing customers for just above our cost at $399 (plus shipping and handling).

Note: In development, the rear glass hatch was precisely fit to the NEW Gen 2 Coupe body. The glass hatch does not fit perfectly in the Gen 1 hatch opening. Factory Five President Dave Smith filmed a video showing the differences.

I took some close-up pictures of the new hatch retro-fit on my 2002 Gen 1 Coupe to show how it fits. As it is, I could probably shift the hatch over to the passenger side about 1/8″ to improve fit, but this is how the new hatch will roughly fit on a Gen 1 Coupe. Customers who have seen the car (and myself) all agree that the glass hatch adds a very nice finish to the car. Still, the hatch is not a perfect fit and I want to make sure you guys know what to expect.

Dave Smith

The glass hatch dramatically improves the look of the car and doesn’t vibrate while driving.

The hatch is DOT safety glass. Note: The corners are rounded and the Gen 1 Body opening is squared off. For scale, the rivets are 1/4″ in diameter.

This picture shows the driver side upper corner. I mounted the hatch without adjusting the hinge. The glass needs to be shifted over about an 1/8″ as this side is too tight.

Here’s a close-up of the top leading edge and bolt through for the glass hatch hinge.

This is the upper right hand (passenger) side. I still need to move the glass towards this side about 1/8″.

This is a bit larger photo of the upper edge of the glass hatch on the Gen 1 body.

The lower right hand corner is very tight and like the other side, the radius of the glass does not match the radius of the body. Also, rivet head diameter is 1/4″ for scale purposes.