West Coast FFRs Race at Leguna Seca

Five Challenge Cars and a Type 65 Coupe Run in Historics Race

This past weekend, five Factory Five cars raced in the SCCA Historics Race at the famous Leguna Seca Raceway. FFR Challenge Series drivers Jeff Awender (who worked hard to get the group of cars into the race), Mike Beeler, TC McNett, and John Teaby drove their Challenge Cars and Karen Salvaggio piloted the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Type 65 Coupe.

The Factory Five cars were put into the Big Bore Production (BBP) group which pitted them with some truly historic racecars including several vintage C-Cars, GT-350’s, Porsche 911’s, Camaro’s, Corvette’s, 240 Z’s, Volvo’s, and a Falcon Sprint to name a few of the 36 car field.

Here are the results after Saturday’s Race along with some video:
Mike Beeler: 10th BBP/22nd Overall (1:49.854)
TC McNett: 8th BBP:17th Overall (1:47.432)
Jeff Awender: 6th BBP/14th Overall (1:46.294
John Teaby: 13th Overall (1:45:604)
Karen Salvaggio (5th BBP/11th Overall (1:46.013)

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