Whitby Goes All Electric

Jeff Collins and the Crew at Whitby Motorcars Build an Electric ’33

The crew at Whitby Motorcars has been helping customers build their Factory Fives for a long time, each one unique, but they recently had a project that gave them a new challenge. Jeff Collins sent us some photos of their latest ’33 Hot Rod build with an all electric power plant, and it is impressive.

Jeff said, “It looks like we’ll get sub 5 (seconds) 0-60 burns the rear tires, a 150-200 mile range and charges on 110V.” Jeff and the team at Whitby had this all-electric Hot Rod at the recent Charlotte Autofair and have been big supporters on the new Factory Five Forum.

This Hot Rod comes on the heels of the Amp=D all electric ’33 Hot Rod that debuted at the 2009 SEMA Show. Click here to read all about that Hot Rod build.