19 Years of Factory Five Stories: Bob & Anita Capps and Sonny Silvia

There are too many Factory Five stories to tell, and I’m the lucky one who gets to sit in the middle and hear them all.  Here’s a great one, or two rather.

A year ago, Bob and Anita Capps bought a Mk4 Roadster complete kit.  Bob and his son Jonathan built the car, and you may recall that Jonathan drove the car to his prom last spring.  The story gets better as Bob and Jonathan won a cool car show award on their first outing, and a few weeks later, Bob and his wife scored “Best in Show” with the car, Anita driving home with the trophy in her lap!  You can read the story about Bob’s car on a recent post we made (click here).

Yesterday, Bob and Anita were in the area on vacation and stopped by to say hello.  While they were here, another friend and Factory Five customer Sonny Silvia stopped by to say hello.  Sonny purchased FFR1002X in 1995!

The story of Factory Five is the story of always building.  Building cars, building friendships, building careers, building family heirlooms…always building.  Bob and Anita’s FFR Mk4 Roadster serial number is 8068.  On the same warm early fall afternoon, FFR #1002X and FFR #8068 stopped by to say hello.  What’s a Factory Five worth?  I asked Bob if he would sell his memories of his build with his son for $1,000,000.  He said, “No way.”   THAT IS COOL!

Bob and Anita Capps with me in the showroom.

Bob and his son Jonathan and the blue Mk4 Roadster they built together score show car gold.

Me, Sonny Silvia (FFR #1002X) and Bob Capps (FFR #8068)

Dave Smith