Customer Chris D. Takes the Fast Lane: Graduates his MK4 in a Few Months!

Thanks to his dad, a seasoned mechanic and classic car builder, Chris D. didn’t just learn auto mechanics—he inherited the ‘hot rod’ bug. From a ’65 Mustang to a 2003 Cobra, he has owned a fleet of classics. After conquering a resto-mod on a ’66 F100 short bed, Chris hungered for more.

He loved the Cobra Roadsters since he was a kid so he decided that would be his next project. Chris says he, “went straight to Factory Five because they are the most well known kit car company, and provide the best bang for the buck. There was no need to look anywhere else.”

After a short four month wait, he took delivery of his MK4 Complete Kit, and three and a half months later was finished. People are amazed that he finished the build that quickly, but he says, “the kit makes it easy! I only have 2 speeds, wide open and asleep. I did all the work, including the paint and bodywork, myself. One of the great things about the FFR’s kits is that you can customize your build however you’d like so very rarely are any two builds the same.

Opting for a Gen 2 Coyote 5.0 motor, a stock 6-speed transmission, and a new Moser 8.8 with 3:55 gears for the rear end, I injected personal flair into the interior and chose the vibrant 2023 Ford colors. The result is a head-turning, heart-pounding performance car that steals the show, making cruising in his self-built hot rod an unrivaled adventure.