Jeff S.’s Factory Five GTM

Jeff S.’s GTM had its first track run in several autocrosses, a great way to test the car’s handling without major risks. Even though it never got out of second gear, the engine and transmission felt strong, but the car needed a tuned suspension. 

He says, “My track experience with the GTM has mostly been with Hooked on Driving and the SCCA. At Palm Beach International Raceway, it reached a top end of around 140 mph.

My car has ZERO nannies. The car’s performance was entirely in my hands, with no power steering, brakes, ABS, or traction/stability control. Tracking this car with no previous track experience probably is not a good idea.

With a few minor camber and toe-out adjustments, I believe the suspension will significantly improve. My performance shop recommended the new steering column, fuel cells, 6-piston front and 4-piston rear Aero 666 Wilwood brakes, and 2-piece alloy wheels from BC Forged America, which save a lot of weight.

I’m considering whether the APR wing is necessary. As an Aero Engineering major, I think wind tunnel testing or input from a veteran racer would help. I’m looking forward to getting it to Sebring and Homestead Speedway after tuning the suspension!”