Nevada Open Road Challenge with Three Factory Five Type 65 Coupes

The Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC) events gather driving enthusiasts twice a year in Nevada’s desert. Drivers aim for precise target times in various speed classes high-speed racing on the Nevada Highway! Participants race on closed highways, with courses ranging from 90 to 122 miles. Among the participants this year were Factory Five Type 65 Coupes!

Three Factory Five Type 65 Coupes traveled 160mph+ for long stretches of the Nevada Open Road Challenge! Customers Greg and Brandon G. made an awesome father-son team in their light blue Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. Patrick W. was joined by navigator Ryan M. in his silver Coupe! Then Dave T. and Michael C. raced in Dave’s blue Coupe. Dave T. says, “Greg, Patrick and I ran the 140, 135 and 130 mph groups, respectively, so as to not compete with each other. The three of us were ‘basic timing,’ which means no computers or apps—just a speedometer, stopwatch, and tables. The navigator is busy! My navigator and I won that entire category, irrespective of speed class – amazing.” What an epic time with an awesome crew!

Dave T. shared some details on his medium blue Factory Five Gen 3 Type 65 assembled by him and titled in 2017 with 21,000+ miles on it:
Engine: Ford 302 Boss block, B-cam, 345 hp
Transmission: TKO600 0.82 5th gear
Differential: 2015 Mustang IRS 3.15
Tires: BFG Rival S 1.5

Photo by Wayne M. White,

4-day Video Compilations:

Photos by Kristina Bueche.