Up in the Clouds: Luke Rihl’s Mk4 in Malibu

We posted Luke R.’s graduation video earlier this year. Here’s his recent update. 

“Up in the Clouds-

The first 3k miles in the Cobra have been a dream- more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m allowed to just drive it whenever I want. Every time I fire it up after a few days away, it feels brand new and I lose my mind about it all over again.

Cote is an absolute pro, he did an incredible job shooting these rollers up in Malibu above the ocean. Instagram won’t do them justice, they are billboard quality shots and he worked extremely hard to get them. Mark also helped immensely acting as precision driver of the truck and communicating to us via headset.” 

Owner: Luke Rihl @lukerihl

Photographer: Joshua Coté @cote_cam

Camera car driver: Mark Kaercher @mark_kaercher