Father-Daughter Build: High School Senior Project Edition

Emerson M. and his daughter, Julia decided to build a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe car as part of her senior project for high school. He says, “It also coincided with COVID, so it became a COVID project. We started the build in the summer of 2020, and the first start of the engine was about one year later.”

The engine is a second-generation Coyote V8 from a 2016 Mustang GT. They also kept the transmission from the factory Mustang, which came with the engine from the salvage yard. Emerson and Julia went with the solid axle rear and the upgraded wheels and gauges.

Emerson explains, “my daughter really leaned into the project and especially enjoyed all the wiring, riveting, and the suspension build. She also helped strip down the salvaged motor so we could prep it for the install. Before she graduated, we were able to take the car over to her school’s campus, where she started it and showed it to her classmates and teachers. She also learned how to drive a manual well enough to navigate the neighborhood in it.”

He elaborates, “Currently, the car is mechanically finished, and the body is fitted, including the doors. I’m just waiting to get it into a body shop to finish the body and paint it. We plan to go with a classic dark blue with white stripes and stickers paint scheme.”