Mass Cruiser’s Car Show with a Crew!

We had a ton of fun at the Mass Cruiser’s Car Show last Thursday!

It was a blast and we saw some Factory Five customers there like Pat M. and his wife, AnnMarie. Pat raced his Coupe for years, and told us an awesome story about taking his grandson to his last day of school in “grandpa’s race-car”.

Team members Taylor and Sienna took the Supercharged XTF Truck, Riley and Avery took the Blue Type 65 Coupe, Mad Dog and Dave took the Red Mk4 Roadster, and Justin and I took the ‘33 Flame Hot Rod!

Factory Five welders, Riley and Avery drove the Type 65 Coupe!
Customer Pat M. and his wife posed for a picture. Pat is a legend in the Factory Five community known for his successful track days in his Type 65 Coupe!
Dave L. and Dave V. took the Red Mk4 Roadster.
Welders Justin, Riley, Taylor and Sienna on the bed of the Black/Carbon Fiber Supercharged XTF.
Car enthusiasts Christina and Joel posed in front of the XTF Truck!
L-R: Jason, Teddy, Melony, Bailey and Lauren liked the Type 65 Coupe the best!
The Black/Carbon Fiber Supercharged XTF received lots of attention!

We thought it would be fun to make some memories and take pictures and videos, so keep an eye out for a video from all the fun in case you missed it!

Also, we wanted to mention Factory Five night will be held Thursday, August 22nd. The Factory Five Cruise-In will be held August 24th at Factory Five from 9am to noon. Can’t wait to see you there!!

Nicole Smith