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Customer James Shaw’s ’33 Hot Rod

James Shaw ordered his kit in 2017, and it took him just under 3 years to get it registered and driving. Built on a budget, he told us “I still haven't painted it and used a junkyard rear and a small-block chevy motor that a local drag racer was selling dirt…Read More

Customer Will Bolton Shares the Stoke!

Will Bolton from North Carolina shared this glamor shot of his completed FFR Roadster. In the spirit of sharing the stoke, here’s the story behind the picture. “My brother took me up on a last minute drive on Tail of the Dragon last weekend. This photo pretty much sums up the…Read More

A Truck Named ‘Eleanor’

Loren and Shelly Diede own a ’35 Hot Rod Truck named Eleanor with electric power steering, a 3-link rear suspension and powder coated frame. They’ve been winning awards and generating interest at local car shows. Loren says, “We entered her in a local Father's Day car show. This is one of…Read More

2022 Open House Report

In 1997, we had been in business for two years and we decided to have our very first Open House –maybe 25 cars showed up. It was a chance to hang with the people who pay our rent and check out cars. Over the years, thousands of people have attended…Read More

All-Weather Drivers

Pictured above are Sean (Indy) Puckett and wife Michelle driving his buddy Chris LeCornu's Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. They took Chris's car from 5th Gear Car Rally, a thousand miles from San Diego to Tucson. Then they headed to Scottsdale and the famous Route 66. Indy and Chris say their…Read More

21st Season Driving!

Celebrating good driving weather with customer John Mackay’s 21st season driving his Roadster. John says his trip to the Olympic Park “is a nice day's drive at just over 300 miles.” In regards to his car he says, “using coil-overs and 6-piston Baer brake calipers in all four corners as…Read More

Kevin Heneghan’s Factory Five MkIV Roadster

Kevin Heneghan’s Factory Five MKIV Roadster was recently featured on his home town of Morgan Hill, California’s 4th of July Festival social media. It’s an early MKIV received in January 2012, and took him 3 years to build. Kevin started his build when his oldest was 14, with “lots of…Read More

Jamie O’Pelt’s Cowboy-themed ’33 Hot Rod

Growing up Jamie O'Pelt was the first one in his household to fix something when it broke. He has been in the Metal Fabrication Industry for nearly thirty years now. In pursuit of a fun and unique project, he researched some build projects. Although a Personal Helicopter or Hovercraft were…Read More

Factory Fives Racing in Europe 

“Your cars have great potential and are not too difficult to make really fast.” Robert Schwaiger from KRT Custom Speed has been running a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe-R and Challenge Car racing in Europe. He says, “the car developed well and we are pretty much at the lap times…Read More

Factory Five at Mass Cruisers Car Show

The Tech Team took some deserved time off yesterday afternoon to head up to the Mass Cruisers car show at Patriot Place. Jeff, Mike, and Keith were joined by Riley, (from Welding). The weather was perfect at 70 degrees with clear blue skies! The team brought three cars to the…Read More

Factory Five Family: Ayala Edition Sunset Proposal in the FFR MkIII Video Six years ago customer Jon Ayala planned a surprise proposal to his now wife, Elisa at the end of a sunset drive in a Factory Five MkIII Roadster. The couple pulled up to a finish line setup surrounded by friends and family.…Read More

Changes to 2022 Event Schedule

While the bulk of our 2022 show and event plan is unchanged, we have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel our annual Huntington Beach Cruise-in, scheduled for this April 30, 2022. I met with the town of Huntington Beach last week to review the plan for this…Read More