Grassroots Motorsports Magazine 818S Build Article #4!


Tim Suddard and his staff at Grassroots Motorsports Magazine have documented the build of their Factory Five 818S street car in pages of the magazine.  This month is chapter 3 of “Some Assembly Required”.  Click on the links below to read the articles, or better yet, visit to sign-up for a subscription.  You can also check out their discussion forum with even more 818 coverage and YouTube videos.



GRM 818 Build Up Article 1 – December 2013

Part one covers the origin of Factory Five’s 818 going over the concept for the all-new car and working with the Factory Five and Grassroots Motorsports community to design the look of the car.






GRM 818 Build Up Article 2 – February 2014

Part two is where the fun begins as the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine get started on take apart the donor Subaru and organizing the parts before the build starts.






GRM 818 Build Up Article 3 – April 2014

The GRM crew officially start build their Factory Five 818S.





GRM 818 Build Up Article 4 – May 2014

The GRM guys get to work on installing the engine into their 818.





GRM 818 Build Up Article 5- June 2014

The GRM team starts to fit the body onto the 818 chassis.





Special thanks to Wayne Presley at Very Cool Parts for his support of the GRM build project!

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