Customer Mike M. Picks up his Mk4 Roadster

20 years ago, Mike M. came across an article on Factory Five Racing in Hot Rod Magazine and has since dreamed of owning one. After years of raising a family, he decided it was time to make his dream car a reality. Initially, Mike tried buying a pre-owned Factory Five,…Read More

Customer Steven M.’s Mk4 Roadster

Customer Steven M. shared, “Meet our Mk4 15th Anniversary Roadster. It all started with a twist of fate when our daughter Beth fell in love with racecars and we took a ride in Mark D.’s car, (known for his Traveling Builder business). That’s when the idea of owning a Factory…Read More

John P. Prepares Project “Aardvark” for Charity Drive

You may recall John P.’s most recent Factory Five Mk4 Roadster build named after the F-111 bomber aircraft, ‘Aardvark’. John dedicated the build to Col. Gale, a retired Air Force pilot who couldn’t finish building his car due to health complications. Col. Gale’s brother Neil introduced him to John, who…Read More

Customer Geoff K.’s Family Built Mk4 Roadster

Customer Geoff K. realizes that you can’t turn back the mileage, as he watches his family grow up. Fortunately, you can fill the miles with memories and smiles. Geoff shares, “These cars are amazing to build, and amazing to drive. I’m grateful my wife was supportive, and the kids got…Read More

Erik T.’s Street Style XTF Build

Erik T. is a familiar figure in the Factory Five community. He has built everything there is to build when it comes to Factory Fives. His most recent XTF build is as custom and unique as he is. Erik says, "I know these are all just cars and stuff, but…Read More

Customer Dave C. Picks Up His Type 65 Coupe!

Customer Dave C. and his wife, Julie, prove that Vermonters are hardcore. They’re here, braving this bitter New England weather to bring home their Gen 3 Daytona Coupe. Dave’s history with Factory Five goes back to 1997! Congrats, Dave and Julie, for being New England tough. We can’t wait to…Read More

XTF Testing with Fox Shocks Report

With performance far above OEM offerings like the Raptors and TRXs, the new Factory Five XTF is a build-it-yourself daily driver extreme truck. Factory Five's Nate Johnson recaps bringing the XTF Extreme Truck out to Fox Shocks shop for some tuning and testing on their proving grounds. Click here to…Read More

Ryan M. Wins with his Gulf Type 65 Coupe

You may remember customer Ryan M. from the recent post we did profiling his stunning Gulf color Factory Five Type 65 Coupe! From Ryan himself: “Whoa! Major moment for me and Loretta. Got Best In Show at a pretty big car show put on and judged by one of the…Read More

Customer Mark J. at Chrome In The Dome Car Show

Customer Mark J. attended the Chrome In The Dome car show at the Idaho State University's Holt Arena last weekend. Mark says, “It is always a very enjoyable event and the conditions inside the arena make for a perfect setting. I brought my two young grandsons with me to experience…Read More

Godspeed Ron Preston

Last Friday, I received a call from Nancy Preston, the wife of customer Ron Preston. Ron has had a huge presence in the FFR community, helping many build their cars and providing great feedback on The Factory Five Forum over the years. Nancy kindly asked if I could spare a…Read More