Rob M.’s Type 65 Coupe

Before purchasing his Factory Five Type 65 Coupe, Rob M. was involved in supercar racing with friends. When he started looking for what would end up being his Type 65 Coupe, one of his racing buddies said he knew of someone who had one sitting at his machine shop. Rob…Read More

François G. Graduates his Type 65 Coupe

Congratulations to François G. from Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada on graduating your Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. Francois tells his build story and shares details on his gorgeous car below. “Being a CPA by trade, I own a company with my family based in Quebec City. In 2017 my good friend Jeff…Read More

A May Day at Factory Five Racing

Customer Christopher N. from Ontario shown posing with Ricky Bobby and his new Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. Christopher’s pickup was followed by customer Eric M. picking up a Mk4 Base Kit. The weather has been perfect for pickups, and we are so stoked for their builds! Later, we had…Read More

Factory Five Family Friday!

Spring is in full swing! The warmer weather reminds us that summer is coming, and with kids home from school, the family often gets involved in making our Factory Five dreams come true. Here are some Factory Five family pictures shared recently on social media that breathe life into the…Read More

Matt H.’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

Matt H. says the reason he bought a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe was “because I’m a Truck Driver. I liked to drive my Cobra whenever I was home, but I got tired of worrying about the weather. Since getting the Type 65 Coupe, I drive it year-round almost every…Read More

Carl E. Slays Tail of the Dragon

A friend/member of the Coastal Carolina Cobra Club contacted Carl Emery the day before the "Smokey Mountain Drives" Dragon Rally XXV, and said he had a paid admission. Carl says, “I was the only FFR car in the bunch. It was a last minute decision to go. I drove a…Read More

Fun Friday at Factory Five

Fun Friday at Factory Five Racing! Mike and Claire Snyder from Connecticut came to pick up their Mk4 Roadster with their kids Joey and Henry. Their other two kids, Jake and Ava couldn’t make it, but wished they were there! We gave them a couple extra t-shirts since they missed…Read More

Dr. Volpe Picks up his Stage 2 Hot Rod Kit

Dr. John Volpe stopped by to pickup his Stage 2 Hot Rod kit. John’s history with Factory Five goes back to the early years, and the team here is always happy to hear from or see him. Besides his Hot Rod, he has a Factory Five Roadster he frequents Newport,…Read More

750 HP Predator-Powered Factory Five Mk4

This Mk4 Roadster was featured at the 2022 SEMA Show, and uses a 750 HP Ford Predator engine. The Predator is the same 5.2L supercharged engine that powers the current Ford GT500. The car has modest options which include IRS, vintage 15″ Halibrand wheels and period-correct Goodyear tires, Factory Five…Read More

All-New Extended Cab ’35 Hot Rod Truck!

Our 2nd Gen ’35 Hot Rod Truck features a new extended cab with an additional 4″ of additional interior space compared to the previous generation. Powered by Ford’s 5.2L “Voodoo” flat-plane crank engine producing 520 HP @ 8,200 RPM and with a 5-speed Tremec TKX transmission. The Truck features Factory…Read More

FFR-Logano Hot Rod Truck Featured by Ridiculous Rides!

Awesome footage of the Factory Five '35 Drift Truck with Joey Logano! Below are videos from the build-up of Joey's Hot Rod Truck with the team from Snap-On Tools on their show "From the Ground Up". More

Double Triples at Factory Five

Last week ended on a high note with three customers picking up their kits, and three school tours, the largest of which, "The Winners Circle" representing five (5) upstate New York high schools building Factory Fives as part of a curriculum focusing on motorsports marketing and business. Here are some…Read More

Trans Am News!

Super proud of Brian Gluck and his team at Dark Horse Racing. This past weekend Brian drove to a 4th place SGT class finish and first place in pro-am category. Fastest cars in SGT were a pair of Porsche GT3 cup cars running 1:29.672 and 1:30.235 respectively. Brian finished a…Read More

Record Day in Shipping!

Yesterday, 120 packages left the building. Today, the team stepped it up and shipped out 150+ packages! The team is working hard to fulfill orders, and we appreciate your patience. If you’re waiting on something, keep an eye on your inbox for a shipping notification.Read More