A Summer Monday at Factory Five

What a busy and beautiful Monday! Greg Z. and his son from North Carolina kicked off the day with a tour. Later, Leon D. and his wife picked up their Mk4 Roadster, turning his model car hobby into a full-scale passion. (Left to Right: Dave S. with Leon and wife)…Read More

Nevada Open Road Challenge with Three Factory Five Type 65 Coupes

The Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC) events gather driving enthusiasts twice a year in Nevada's desert. Drivers aim for precise target times in various speed classes high-speed racing on the Nevada Highway! Participants race on closed highways, with courses ranging from 90 to 122 miles. Among the participants this year were Factory Five Type…Read More

Winners Circle Project: Another Great Year!

A big congratulations to everyone involved in this year’s Winners Circle Project! The dedication and spirit behind this program are incredible. We are so fortunate to see it grow and thrive. Five schools—Waverly, Roosevelt, Owego, Ketcham, and John Jay—participated. Next year, there will be six schools! Each school completes their…Read More

Customer Al E.’s Mk4 Roadster Build

Today at Factory Five, system maintenance pushed us out of our comfort zones to tackle sidelined projects. We followed up on social media messages, reconnecting with customers like Al E. who shared his build on Instagram. Here's a glimpse of his story: "Well, I’m someone that has a lot of…Read More

Coming Soon: Ask Dave Anything!

Have a question you’ve always wanted to ask Dave Smith like what’s his favorite car or will Factory Five ever make (fill in the blank) into a kit car? What shows & events will Factory Five be going to this year or what is the status of the F9, 818,…Read More

Employee Parking at Factory Five

Employee parking at Factory Five on a nice New England Spring day! I think it's cool that the guys who weld your Mk4 chassis, drive the same thing. It's also cool knowing that either of these two Factory Fives, as they sit, will outperform the original legendary 1960's Cobras in…Read More

Craig W. and Family Pick Up their Mk4 Roadster

This morning, customer Craig W. from Pennsylvania picked up his Mk4 Roadster with his family. They even brought baby Myles along —starting him young! We love seeing a family dedicated to sharing car enthusiasm. Craig’s wife, Debbie, mentioned she expects Craig and their son Jared to be deeply involved in…Read More

The Vagos Build a Roadster AND a Coupe!

We are Factory Five, and we live for stories like these. When we hear from customers like Alex and his father, it reminds us why we do what we do. Alex reached out to us after he and his dad completed their first build, a beautiful Mk4 Roadster, which they…Read More